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Worker's Compensation

Welcome to our California Workers Compensation / Workman's Compensation law web site. The goals of our site are to inform you about your legal rights if you have suffered a work related injury. We will personally answer any questions you may have about your work injury. We do offer FREE CONSULTATION any time needed.

   California Workers Compensation laws (sometimes called workers comp, workman’s comp) information is important to all California employees and every qualified injured worker (QIW). Common work related injuries include injury traumas which occur on construction sites or in any industrial or office area. Equally common are repetitive stress or repetitive strain injuries, also known as continuous trauma work injuries. A Continuous Trauma Injury (CT) is one which occurs over a period of time within the work environment. Examples are years of typing resulting in carpal tunnel or continuous lifting resulting in  chronic back pain.   If you, or someone you know has had a work-related injury and wonder if it should be covered by California Workers Comp insurance, we hope that you will find this site helpful in providing the information you need. Our experienced Workers Compensation disability attorney is ready to serve you, should you find that legal assistance is needed relative to your California Worker’s Comp claim.

We have developed the following as general legal help that we hope will assist you in better understanding California Workers Compensation laws.  
Thinking that they cannot afford a lawyer, many injured workers do not receive benefits to which they are entitled to . That is why at Law offices of Richard G. Andrews fees aren't due until conclusion of case. Without legal training it is incredibly hard to fight an entire system single-handedly.

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