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Temporary & Permanent Disability Benefits

     Temporary Disability

         Many injured workers find them selves immediately temporarily disable due to the work related accident or disease due to work related toxic exposure.

      Disabled workers are sometimes looked at  with suspicion and distrust instead of the compassion and help that they need. They sometimes find themselves crippled with shame and over taken by frustration due to undeserved financial worries and physically disabling injuries.

Your Temporary Benefits/ Your Rights:

   You will receive a non-taxable check totaling two thirds of your regular pay checks every two weeks, while you are unable to work.

   Insurance Claims Adjusters are not allowed to discriminate or treat you abusively.
                  Permanent Disability
When an injured worker in California has suffered a disability that turns out to be permanent, it is critical to obtain all the benefits due the injured worker from the workers compensation insurance.

           California workers compensation benefits, as well as with other taxpayer-funded safety nets such as State Disability Insurance, Social Security are available. If you were unable to work for 12 or more consecutive months you should file for Social Security Disability Title II benefits. This will give you a little bit of financial hope.


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