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Medical Benefits


          Medical Treatment, under workers compensation, has many complex disability guidelines that are best interpreted by a job injury lawyer. In 1997 an injured worker in California had to sue to obtain medical and workers compensation benefits more than 20 percent of the time.  This rate has increased by 50 percent In the last fifteen to twenty years. This rate is more than four times the national average.

         Workman's Comp will pay for the medical treatment of injuries or illness if the -                   

                     Injury or illness occurred at work and/or is job
                     The injured worker is an employee and not an
                      independent  contractor who suffered an injury on a
                      job site.

      In  Workers Compensation, doctors and other health care professionals find that their treatment recommendations have been second-guessed by claims adjusters. Injured workers are told that they cannot go to the physician of their choice. Everyone despairs over the paperwork. At the Law offices of Richard Andrews we try and get you the health care professionals that suit your needs, someone you can trust, and someone we trust.


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