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Frequently Asked Questions

. Do I have to be injured at work to be covered by California workers compensation?

A. No. However, your injury must be job-related in order to be covered by Workman's Compensation. Your injury may happen while doing work related activities. For example, you could be running work related errands, traveling on business or job functions and be injured, that injury would be covered unless you were traveling to and from work.

Q. What benefits do I get if I am injured while on the job?

A. Workers compensation insurance provides replacement income for the income lost, medical expenses and some rehabilitation benefits including: job training, vocational schooling or job placement assistance. 

If you are temporarily unable to work, you should receive two-thirds of your average wage non-taxable (up to a fixed amount).

If you are permanently disabled, you may receive long-term or lump sum benefits that vary with different injuries.

Q. Can I trust a doctor provided by my employer?

A. It is reasonable to believe that leaving it up to the Insurance company and your Employer may not be in your best interest. It is best to choose your own doctor.


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