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Truck, Auto, Motorcycle Accidents

Truck and Auto Accidents

      In California, motor vehicle accidents are generally covered under a complex umbrella of interrelating laws that are designed to prevent harm or to compensate an injured person for damages suffered. Under California motor vehicle law, it is required for all drivers on California roadways to be insured. Unfortunately, a high percentage of motor vehicle accidents in California are caused by underinsured or uninsured motorists, or unlicensed drivers. In such cases, the uninsured motorist provision of the plaintiff’s California auto insurance policy may cover all damages and losses.

      California vehicular accidents involving motorized vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles may cause loss of income, property damage, and worst of all pain and suffering. Under California personal injury and liability laws, the negligent driver in California who caused the motor vehicle accident is liable for any and all damages resulting from their negligence.

Motorcycle Accidents
        The vast majority of motorcycle accidents and serious injuries to motorcycle rider in California is NOT the motorcycle riders fault!! California motorcycle accident statistics show that about 80% of all California motorcycle accidents are the fault of other drivers on the road, not paying attention! California traffic laws allow for motorcycle drivers to use California car pool lanes and to share lanes on all California freeways and roadways, so your allowed to be anywhere. Often, California cyclists will zip through slow or stopped freeway traffic, and other driver will not be attentive to the motorcyclist and cause an accident. The auto driver will always say that it is the motorcyclist fault, although the cyclist has the right to do so. Most motorcyclist accidents are at the fault of the auto driver.

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